Donghee Jo

Assistant Professor of Economics, Northeastern University
Curriculum Vitae

Welcome to my website! I am an applied microeconomics researcher studying topics of political economy, development economics, and behavioral economics. My specialty is on program evaluation, applying various cutting-edge causal inference methods to both observational and experimental data. I closely follow developments in data science and have a track-record of applying machine learning techniques to my projects.


Assistant Professor of Economics

Northeastern University

I conduct research and teaching as a tenure-track faculty. I am also an affiliated faculty of Network Science Institute and NULab for Texts, Maps, and Network.

2018 - Present


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ph.D., Economics

Dissertation: "Essays in Political Economy of Media and Communication"
Advisors: Ben Olken, Daron Acemoglu, Esther Duflo, Abhijit Banerjee


Duke University

M.A., Economics

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

B.S., Management Engineering

Research Projects

Working Papers

"Better the Devil You Know: Selective Exposure Alleviates Polarization in an Online Field Experiment" (Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Public Economics)

  • Do random exposures to news articles lead to less extreme policy views of news readers?
  • Political economy, Behavioral economics, Mobile app experiment (randomized controlled trial), Bayesian learning model, Stata, Python, SQL

"Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Activities Mobilize Hispanic Voters" (with Cory Smith and David Lazer)

  • Do activities by immigration enforcement agencies suppress or mobilize Hispanic voters?
  • Political economy, Public economics, Regression discontinuity, Spatial econometrics, Stata, R

"Social Interactions of Lawmakers and the Partisan Divide: A Natural Experiment in Iceland" (with Matt Lowe; Submitted)

  • Would there be less partisan divide if there are bipartisan seating arrangements in a legislature?
  • Randomization inference (permutation test), Dyadic-robust inference, Natural language processing (older version of this paper), Stata, Python

Works in Progress

"Online Identity and Political Speech in Social Media" (with Hye Young You)

  • How do commenting behaviors change when comment history is suddenly revealed to the public in a news aggregator?
  • BERT (Natural language processing), Unsupervised machine learning (cluster analysis), Python, PyTorch, R, Stata

"Candidate Information and Polarization of US Voters" (with Cory Smith)

  • Does informing about candidate biography first (as opposed to campaign promises) reduce selective exposure and political polarization?
  • Random Forest, LASSO, Web experiment (randomized controlled trial), Qualtrics survey, R, Stata

"The Power of Money: Evidence from a Bartering Platform" (with Suhas Vijaykumar, Michael Wong)

  • What happens when an online bartering platform introduces a cybermoney?
  • Python, Stata, MongoDB

"The Power of Repetition: An Online Experiment in China" (with Jie Bai, Nancy Qian)

  • Does repeated exposure to the same message on air pollution lead to greater persuasion?
  • Development economics, behavioral economics (correlation neglect), Online experiment (RCT), Stata

Policy Report

"BallotReady Make a Plan to Vote Study (Final Report)" (with Enrico Cantoni, Cory Smith)

  • Is information and turnout tool by and BallotReady effective in facilitating electoral participation?
  • Online experiment, Post-double-selection LASSO, Stata



"Online Identity and Political Speech in Social Media" (with Hye Young You; participating as a data consultant due to PI number restriction), SSRC Social Data Research Fellowship, 2020 ($42,128)

"Measuring the Effects of Peer Sharing on Fake and Polarized News Consumption" (with Nicholas Beauchamp, David Lazer, Kenneth Joseph, Lu Wang), SSRC, 2019 ($50,000)

"Increasing Voter Participation, Every Election: A Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate Behavioral Interventions on Voter Turnout" (with Enrico Cantoni, Cory Smith), Arnold Foundation, 2018 ($148,520)

Internal (MIT)

"How Do People Update Political Beliefs: A Randomized Experiment in South Korea", George and Obie Shultz Fund, 2014-2018

"Information and Political Participation: A Randomized Experiment in the U.S." (with Enrico Cantoni, Cory Smith), George and Obie Shultz Fund, 2016

"How Do People Update Political Beliefs: A Randomized Experiment in South Korea", J-PAL Incubator Fund, 2015



ECON 1116. Principles of Microeconomics (Honors), Spring 2020 (5.0/5.0)

NETS 7983. Causal Analysis: Emphasis on Network Settings (PhD), Spring 2020 (4.8/5.0)

ECON 1116. Principles of Microeconomics (Honors), Spring 2019 (4.8/5.0)

ECON 1116. Principles of Microeconomics, Spring 2019 (4.2/5.0)

Teaching Assistant (MIT)

14.03. Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy, Spring 2018

14.01. Principles of Microeconomics, Spring 2017

14.01. Principles of Microeconomics, Spring 2015

14.01. Principles of Microeconomics, Fall 2015